Making the Decision to Cloth Diaper

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I made the decision to cloth diaper long before my son was born in 2010.  Okay, maybe not long before.  In truth, I belonged to a due date group, and a couple of the women started talking about how to find inexpensive cloth diapers.  Of course, they brought up DiaperSwappers.  In curiosity, I hopped over here, and lurked for a while before signing up.

We all know there are many benefits to cloth diapering.  It’s gentler on baby’s bottom.  It’s greener.  It saves money. But what got me were the colors.  There are so many pretty colors and prints!!! I’m a now-recovering shop-a-holic, and so I started to look into it.  My husband thought I was crazy.  My mother thought I was crazier.  But I started buying them.

My first purchase were Kawaiis.  The thrifty shop-a-holic came out in me, and these were pretty colors, one-size, cheap, and they looked just like the big expensive brands!  When they came, I was so disappointed – they looked ginormous!  No way would these fit a newborn (little did I know my newborn would be born into 0-3 month clothes and skip right over newborn!).  For some reason, I was expecting teeny tiny newborn diapers.  So I bought a few newborn diapers that were handmade and embroidered just for me off Etsy.  Then I bought some Mutts, and of course I needed covers to go with that.  I bought some mother ease, then I bought a few good mamas, some bum genius, and many other brands.  Pretty soon I had 72 diapers and a baby in my belly.

I’m not sure I would recommend the buy-10-of-everything-possibly-available approach if you are diapering for economic purposes.  I’m fairly certain I’ve spent a lot of money.  But I had fun, and it was a great hobby while I was stuck in the house.

Pretty soon baby arrived.  I had a c-section, so I took a few weeks in disposables because the thought of doing laundry scared me, and frankly, so did poop in a diaper.  When my son was three weeks old, I busted out the cloth.  My mom’s first thought (she was home with me), “Wait, you were serious? You’re really going to use those?” Yes, mom, I’m going to use them.  Except for my son, now 10 pounds, didn’t fit into any newborn diaper.  So we went to the one size.

The first 6 months were hit or miss.  I discovered I’m not a big fan of stuffing pockets, but I don’t really like the longer drying time of an all-in-one or a fitted.  The flips went out fairly quickly since poop went everywhere.  Ultimately, I decided on the Freetime for all past-newborn age diapers.  I own a set of 24 of them, although I continued to struggle with stink at nighttime with my pockets.  3 years in diapers and I never did figure them out.  I hope to figure it out this time…

So now it’s time for take two.  It doesn’t really surprise anyone that I had my whole newborn stash completed by the time I lost my babe at 8 weeks two Octobers ago, does it?  The minute I peed on that test, BAM, I was out buying.  BUT, that helped me relax when I got pregnant this time around because I didn’t feel I had that much to do – just pick up a few covers.  So at 15 weeks (still really early, I am well aware), I have my newborn stash ready to go.  I have 30 kissaluv 0’s, 24 pocket something-or-others I got in a coop that are just for babes 0-6 months, and then I still have the 24 free times from my son.  I have about 12 covers, too.  Somehow, I still managed to end up with 80 diapers.  My husband would be so proud I’m a recovering shop-a-holic…

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