Making Your Own Baby Food – Best First Foods for Baby

Posted 09-7-2010 at 02:38 PM by whitneywalters

I started making all of my children’s baby food after my second child was born. With my oldest I used mostly jarred but I also made some of his food.  The reason I started making everything is because it saved us a lot of money. We have a large garden every year and I was able to make almost all her food from vegetables we grew in the garden. I like knowing that she was getting all natural, pesticide free, chemical and preservative  free food.  The more research I did into making my own food the more I learned about all the benefits that came from fresh made food over jarred foods.  Below I have put together a list of the best first foods for children that are 6 months or older.

1. Avocado makes a great first food for baby because of its smooth and creamy texture and the fact that is packed with good fats that are critical for brain development in a young child.

2. Sweet potatoes have a nice creamy texture when mashed for baby and they are high in vitamins,  beta carotene and  potassium.

3. Pumpkin is another great first food. It has a very creamy texture, can be pureed and eaten straight or added to homemade cereal. Pumpkin is a good sources of potassium, protein, and iron

4. Squash makes a great first food for baby and there are many different types to use.  The two I used the most were butternut and acorn squash. Both are a great source for vitamins and calcium.

5. Peas are an excellent source for protein. When I made peas for my kids I strained them through a sieve after pureeing them,  this got the skin that did puree completely leaving a smooth texture which my kids liked a lot better when first starting on solid foods.

The great thing about all the food listed above is that it is very easy to store leftovers for later use.

You can freeze avocado for later use if you are not going to use the whole thing before it would go bad in the fridge. Since I use it also in salads and on sandwiches we never had leftovers but I have read that you can slice and freeze or mash and freeze, the avocado will brown a little in the freezer.

Sweet potatoes, squash and pumpkin all are very easy to freeze and store for later. I have done two different methods for freezing I have cooked, cubed and froze and cooked, mashed and put into small freezer containers for later use.

With the peas I would fill an ice cube tray with the puree, cover with plastic wrap and freeze for later use.

****There is a lot of learn about making your own baby food. My favorite website on this subject is Wholesome Baby Food. It is full of information, recipes and so much more.

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