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Posted 04-4-2013 at 07:26 AM by whitneywalters

My six year old son, Alex does really well in math. It really seems to be his strength in school. Since he has been doing so well I have been trying to introduce new things to keep challenging him and moving him forward. So we started working on word problems.

He was not thrilled by this, It took him a little longer to catch on that it had with other math activities and he kept trying to tell me that math should not include reading. He wanted to go back to regular math  but after a bit of work he caught on and started doing well with the word problems.

One  of his word problems was about a family of four bears. The questions went as  follows –

1. How many chairs would be needed for each bear to have a chair?
– He knew the answer right away.

2. If the bear family only had three beds, how many bears would not have a bed?
– He knew the answer right away.

3. If there were four pieces of cake, how many pieces would each bear get?
– This one confused him for a minute but he figured it out on his own.

4. If a family of four pigs came over to the bears house, how many animals would there be?
– He looked up at my with a straight face and “Mommy, the bears would eat the pigs.” So there would only be four bears and no pigs.” I could not help but laughing before I told him that the bears in this story would not eat the pigs so he needed to add all the animals together.

It was a little hard to argue with his logic. I think that he has been watching too many nature shows on netflix lately. What can I say, the boy is a realist.

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