Misadventures of No-poo

Posted 05-9-2014 at 08:46 AM by 2+2macht4


I thought I had avoided it long enough and surely it had to be the next step in my natural living adventures. It seemed simple enough in and of itself. Wash your hair with baking soda and water and rinse with diluted apple cider vingear for fantastic, healthy, chemical free hair. I had read the blogs and forum threads. I knew about the greasy transitional phase and I was prepared to wait it out for results.  I was ‘well prepared’ and ready to give it a go… or so I thought.

So I raided the pantry, grabbed the household ‘baking soda’ and diluted it with water and filled a petri bottle. I was super excited to try it in my next bath. And I did, seemed easy enough, it diluted fully. I noticed at first it was not at all grainy. Hmm, I thought well that is odd. And it foamed up a whole lot like shampoo. Perhaps it was the build up of shampoo in my hair? And then came the burn especially on my spot of scalp psoriasis, which burns in contact with many things and I thought hmm well I hope it too gets better with time as I had read plenty of times.

After my bath I took to Google. Had I done something wrong? I Googled foaming baking soda shampoo, nothing just loads of comments about how it doesn’t lather. I Googled burning and did see some people with sensitive scalps don’t do well with baking soda on the sensitive skin, and then I made a post on DS asking if I’m right using sodium carbonate.

Well, it would appear this would be another instance of close but not quiet in my journey as an American expat living abroad. I had a household cleaning soda, yes, but unfortionatly sodium carbonate is washing soda, not sodium bicorbonate known as baking soda. Who knew there was two sodas? Could have been worse, at least I didn’t eat it. In other news I still have hair (thank my lucky stars) and I was able to find actual baking soda on Amazon Germany, and once again I am building my resolve to give it a go again.

Case in point, regardless of how well you lay the ground work for change, it never hurts to check and double check yourself. Even when it comes to using non traditional chemically laden products.

Have you ever had a major fail in your quest to a healthier life?

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  1. Christine C on May 14th, 2014 12:39 pm

    This sounds like something I would do. Sometimes I am so absent minded but well intentioned. The other day I was using my new liquid crystal spray deodorant (which I LOVE) it’s unscented so I usually put a few drops of essential oils under my arms because I like the smell. Well I had just showered and shaved my underarms, dried off and sprayed my deodorant then I was picking out my oil and said hey why not let’s try some Lime… long story short it was burning in the cuts and I had to wash everything off and start all over. But now I know what not to do! I just try to laugh at myself and move on!

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