Missing My Girls

Posted 04-4-2013 at 07:43 AM by Krista

All too often I get irritated with my kids and wish I had a day away from them. I don’t know any mom who doesn’t wish this, and if she’s out there, she’s a saint. I could either learn from such a person, or just feel like a total failure as a mother. Maybe both.

Anyway, just this past week I got my wish. Not for a good reason, though…instead of having a “me” day, full of pampering I was drinking cough syrup and catching sleep in between episodes of Pretty Little Liars. Not a show to sleep after, by the way. I was diagnosed with a contagious virus on Thursday, and just to be on the safe side we packed their bags and sent them to grandma’s, because I was barely capable of making toast much less taking care of two very active little girls.

As the days passed I didn’t really feel any better. Finally, finally, on Monday I feel a little better. I was very excited about getting my beautiful angels back until my husband started vomiting. He has the full blown flu. Go figure! I saw my little ones for a little while on Saturday for an Easter egg hunt and lunch, but I am missing them like crazy and ready to bring them home. It’s spring break for my inlaws, and while I know they need and treasure this time with the girls, I want my babies back!

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