Mommy, I do not like my glasses

Posted 06-18-2012 at 10:54 AM by whitneywalters

“Mommy, I don’t like my glasses.”

Those are the words my six year old son said to me while in tears the first day he got his glasses. He had been less then happy to find out at his eye exam that he needed glasses. I was not surprised when the eye doctor told me that Alex needed glasses. Every person on my husband’s side of the family wears them and a few people on my side wear them. Even before his appointment I had told my husband that if any of the kids needed glasses, I was betting it was going to be Alex. Something in me just said he was going to need them.

Alex is far sighted, his vision is not that bad right now but he does need glasses. My husband and I sat down and had a long talk with Alex about his glasses We were trying to get down the the real reason for him not liking his glasses. We talked about all the people he knew that wore glasses, told him he looked cool in them, that there was nothing wrong with wearing them and that he would eventually learn to like them. He just kept saying over and over again that he did not like them and did not want to wear them. He just wanted his eyes to work without them. It broke my heart to hear him cry about it.

It has been a few weeks since he got them, he still does not like them but he is tolerating them a lot better. He has not cried about it for a long time. The biggest issue we are having now is getting him to put them in a safe place and remember where they are. The day he got them we set a place for them. He was suppose to take them off, put them on his dresser in the case each night at bed time. He did really well for the first few days but know he is leaving them in random places, forgetting where they are and not keeping them safe from his little sisters.

Since he is only six, we are not being to hard on him. Instead we have told him that if will take care of his glasses, wear them without being upset and always remember where he is suppose to keep them, we will buy him a blue pair like he really wants. He seems pretty willing to work towards this goal and I am hoping he will like his blue glasses more and he happier wearing them.

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  1. Bear Family on June 18th, 2012 3:31 pm

    I was 5 when I got my glasses, I had a slightly different perspective though. I had such terrible vision, I remember my mom asking the Dr if I would loose the glasses, and he told her no, I would enjoy seeing too much to loose them. I never lost them, and always put them in the same place when taking them off, but I was also teased a lot about them, and they for sure didnt have the cute ones like they do now days. Becuase glasses are hard to get used to for anyone, they are hard for kids to understand them and why their ‘eyes don’t work’, personally I would let him have the cool blue ones first.

  2. Kelly3139 on June 20th, 2012 9:21 am

    I have been a pediatric optician for over 10 years. The best advice I give parents is to let the kid pick the glasses. If he wants the blue ones and thinks they are cool then he will wear them. If he just doesn’t want the ones you picked they are more likely to resist. After the first year you can usually get away with persuading because they are used to wearing them. I say go for the blue ones and even consider getting transitions which change the lenses to sunglasses boys seem to love that feature! Some kids will never like wearing glasses and will constantly lose or break them on purpose. You can have him hand the glasses over to you everynight instead of relying on him to put them in the case and you bring them to him every morning.
    Good Luck!

  3. abhernandez on June 21st, 2012 10:19 am

    I was 7ish when I got glasses. I flat out refused to wear them except when we went to the movies or was sitting at the back of the class. As my eyes got gradually worse, I wore them more and more and by the time I was 9, I was wearing them non-stop. I never liked them and graduated to contacts the second I could but I think kids will naturally want to wear their glasses once they realize what a difference it makes.

    Oh and p.s. it honestly sounds like your six year old takes better care of his glasses than I do mine. I stepped on a pair just a couple weeks ago and just wear them glued back together. Classy.

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