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Posted 12-10-2012 at 09:10 AM by whitneywalters

Christmas is my favorite holiday. I love spending time with my friends and  family, giving gifts to those I care about, making all kinds of Christmas goodies to share with others and everything else Christmas related. What I do not like about it is how easy it is to forget that there is so much more to the Holiday then just presents.

We are a Christian family and the meaning of Christmas is very important to us. Our kids know about it but I want to really teach them more about it. At their age it is very easy for them to get wrapped up in the thought of presents and forget about the rest of it.

We do a few things to remind them what Christmas is all about. Each year we adopt a child or two from the angel tree and have the kids pick up gifts for them. Last year we got a boy and a girl that were Alex and Destiny’s age. They used money they earned doing chores around the house to buy gifts for theses children and they were really happy that they got to give some presents to a child that did not have all the stuff they did. It really touched me to see them being so generous and caring about someone they did not even know. We also go to church and our church has several Christmas events we attend, we watch some Christian Christmas movies and the last thing we do is read them the Christmas story.

I want to do more with them as they get a bit older. Like having them visit people in nursing homes, making cards for sick people in the local hospital and other things to spread the joy of Christmas. I really want them to understand that it is so much more then just presents.

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