Mother’s Day – Don’t Forget Your Own Mother!

Posted 04-28-2014 at 02:55 PM by Matrivine

Mother's Day

We understand that Mother’s Day is not really a time off for many mothers. There is breakfast in bed that was wonderful, but the kitchen was left a mess, there are sick children, and/or the kids need help getting ready for church services. There is someone who knows how you feel. Your own mom. Chances are she has been where you are on Mother’s Day smiling because her family cares while keeping their caring from going nuclear. It’s a bond that you now share. Here are a few ways to show her that you appreciate what she did for you, what you are now doing for your own children.

More Than A Phone Call

It’s important to call our moms on the day that celebrates them taking care of us, but go the extra mile to show that your mom wasn’t just an after thought. She may be far away. You may not be able to take her out to brunch or go get your nails done together. That doesn’t let you off the hook to show her that she is special. Take the time to buy or create a greeting card for your mother and mail it so that it will arrive in time for Mother’s Day. There could be a gift sent in the mail with it. Let her know that now you’re all grown up you think more of her than a quick scramble to the phone Sunday morning.

Use Your Kids

Grandchildren hold a special place in the hearts of their grandmothers. If mom lives far away, make her day special with a scheduled Skype call. Don’t plan it too close to bedtime or nap time. Make sure your children understand that grandma is your mommy and it’s her special day too. After all, they wouldn’t have a mommy without grandma. Send pictures. Be sure to pick pictures where your kids are playing with something granny has sent them or wearing an outfit she had picked out for them. This tells her her gifts are not only appreciated, they are special and used.

Live In Grandma

In three generation homes it can be tricky to celebrate Mother’s Day in a way everyone who is a mother gets to feel special. This can also be true when grandma is living close by. Be sure that grandma isn’t used as a babysitter this day so that you and your spouse can go off to do something together. Instead spend time as a family. If you have siblings in the area make sure that they can be a part of that planning as well. Last of all, call your father and make sure that you aren’t dropping in on something special he has planned. The kids may have grown up and moved away, but many a good man still honors the mother that raised his children.

Mommy In Law

If your husband is the forgetful type, make sure that he remembers his own mother. You may not always get along with her but she did raise that wonderful man that you have married. Make sure that she is honored in some way as well.

How do you honor your own Mother on Mother’s Day?

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