My Cloth Diaper Journey

Posted 03-22-2010 at 02:42 PM by whitneywalters

My husband and I started talking about looking into cloth diapers after the birth of our second child. At that time our oldest was only fifteen months and we knew that the diaper bill was going to be getting very large. Over the next six months we did some reading, looked at a few different options and talked to a couple people we knew that had used cloth diapers. We sat down and did a diaper budget and we were pretty shocked when we saw how much money we would be saving if we did make the switch. Still, we were not ready to make the jump into cloth diapers. Our daughter then started getting horrible rashes and we soon found out she had very sensitive skin and the disposable diapers were causing the rashes. So we made the switch.

My friend told me about DiaperSwappers and I joined right away, I was able to find a lot of used diapers on there for cheap, which helped because at the time my budget was very small. The very first stash I had consisted of 12 wahm pockets for my son and a collection of bumkins, wahm and chunky monkey pockets and AIOs for my daughter. I was presently surprised at how much I like cloth diapers and I was thrilled when the rashes stopped for my daughter. Unfortunately, the love did not last long when it came to my son’s diapers. The diapers we had bought for him were not working, the inserts started to stink and the sewing on the diaper started falling apart. I was devastated but, I was not ready to give up yet. I tried stripping the inserts and fixing the diapers but it did not work. I ended up having to throw the diapers I had away and getting a whole new stash for him.

Soon after that I was hooked, I started getting brave and trying more diapers.  It had become way more then just a way for us to save money and stop rashes. I loved cloth diapers! One of the biggest things that held me back from trying them sooner was the thought of washing them – the thought of washing a dirty diaper really grossed me out. I had myself convinced it was going to be disgusting but when the time came it was no different then any other load of laundry I had done that day.

When my daughter was ready to move out of the mediums and into larges it gave me the chance to try all kinds of new diapers. It was a learning experience, it took me a lot of time and money to find the diapers that we liked the best but I was having a good time trying them all out.  I would buy a couple of one brand, use them for awhile, if they did not work for use I would re-sell them and try something new.

By the time our third child was born I had tried over two dozen brands of diapers, I finally felt like I knew what diaper I really liked but soon I felt like I wanted to branch out more. I had been lurking in the Extra Fluffy forum, drooling over all the adorable pictures of babies in their wool and fleece but I did not think I wanted to add even more laundry into the mix. One day I was browsing hyena cart and I found an auction for a pair of longies that were my daughter’s measurements and I thought, why not, so I put in a fifteen dollar bid, thinking there is no way I am going to win but a couple days later I got the email that I won. I was thrilled. Of course this meant I needed to get some fitted diapers so I purchased a couple. I quickly fell in love. Since then I have purchased more wool, fleece and fitteds. I am enjoying the trial process of finding what does and does not work for us.

I am looking forward to what is to come for us in our cloth diaper journey, we are planning on having one more child and we are hoping to cloth diaper our last one from birth. With our youngest we did not start with cloth until close to the six week mark, I did not buy any newborns and all the smalls we had were way too big until about that time. From what I have been reading it sounds like prefolds are the best option for a newborn, which is something I have never used so I am excited to try when the time comes!

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2 Responses to “My Cloth Diaper Journey”

  1. BigSamsMom on March 24th, 2010 1:42 pm

    Loved this Whitney!

  2. BabyRooSlings on March 25th, 2010 1:13 pm

    Great writing, enjoyed reading your c/d story!

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