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Posted 11-23-2012 at 12:23 PM by HollyRay

Every weekday, and some weekends, my husband puts on his uniform and heads to work. When he returns, 10-14 hours later, he usually smells like jet fuel and has some form of grease or dirt on his hands and uniform. This has been our lives for the past four years, I stay home with our ever growing family, and he works for Uncle Sam. It’s a stable job, in so much that we get paid twice a month, but the hours are forever crazy and his schedule is constantly changing and that means our world revolves around his job.

This is the same for MANY people, whether they are military or civilian, often times our lives are dictated by work. Vacations, meals, family time, they all come secondary to our jobs. It makes sense, our jobs pay for the food, the vacations, the house, without a job money is probably non-existent for most of us, so it seems odd that we put so much importance on having a job and very little on actually liking it. My husband isn’t the biggest fan of his job, he enjoys is while deployed, because he does more work and less, um, “busy work”, but he doesn’t want to be deployed all the time. Instead of just quitting when his time is up he wants to train for a job that he will love. Of course I support him in this, not only because I want my husband to be happy, but I know if my husband isn’t happy our family isn’t happy. Yes, I tweaked the age old saying a bit, but let’s face it, it’s true.

My husband goes to work because he likes working (even if he doesn’t like his job), but he goes to a job he doesn’t like because he has a family to support. While I don’t think he would resent us for having to work, there is a certain stress in knowing you must go to a job you dislike to take care of the family you love. If you look forward to your job it doesn’t boil down to just the duty you have to your family, it becomes more then just paying the bills. It is much moreĀ fulfilling, and when you get something more then a paycheck from your job your home life thrives as well.

If your spouse is working a job they dislike help them in whatever way you can to determine what job they would love. Work together to find and secure that job, even if all you do is get up and make breakfast before an interview, or lay out clothes, or whatever, you are being helpful to your spouse. While my husband works on changing jobs I am doing all I can to support him, and while I know it’s his accomplishment, I can take pride in knowing that I am my husband’s support, I am the one pushing him forward so that he is happy.

In these economic times which are on the rise, but let’s face it unemployment is still high, enjoying a job is often secondary to having a job. How do you feel about that? How important is enjoying the job that you have, or if you are a a stay at home parent how important is it that your spouse enjoy’s their job?

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