My New Favorite Diaper, The Blueberry Simplex One Size All In One Diaper

Posted 09-25-2013 at 01:35 PM by happysmileylady

My most recent diaper purchase was a Blueberry Simplex One Size All In One Diaper.  It is without a doubt my new favorite diaper.  I love that it’s one size.  I have two children in diapers, so being able to use the same diaper on either child is important to me.  The best thing about it however is how easy it is to use and maintain.  There are no extra pieces to hunt out of the dryer, no special folds to manage, and no additional fasteners to fumble with.  And then of course, they come in such cute prints.  I love the prints, they are so cute! These advantages make this diaper so easy to use that I just love it.  It is without a doubt my new favorite diaper.

A one size diaper is a diaper with snaps up the front that let you customize the sizing of the diaper.  The Simplex One Size All In One diaper is one of these.  The snaps along the front make it easy for me to customize the diaper size according to the child I am putting it on.  As I mentioned, I have two in diapers – a two year old and a ten month old.  That means I deal with lots of diaper changes.  One of the ways I manage to keep it all from becoming overwhelming is using one size diapers.  That way, I have just one set of diapers that I can use on either child, rather than two separate sets of diapers to manage.  I have used other one sized diapers before, but the one size Simplex All In One fits both of my little ones really well.

Having every piece of the diaper all together is the epitome of simple.  I have used Flips in the past, which have two parts, the insert and the cover.  I have also used diapers that require separate fasteners as well as a separate cover as well.  Every time to make a piece of the diaper separate, you add an extra step to the diapering process.  The Blueberry Simplex One Size All In One diaper has all of these pieces together in one diaper.  The insert, the cover, the fastener, everything, is all in one piece.  There are no extra steps.  This makes the diaper as close to disposables as you can get, at least in terms of simplicity and ease of diapering.  Not only that, but it’s impossible to lose any piece of it either.  When I used pins to fasten diapers in the past, they were so easy to lose.   Having to constantly buy new pins eats into the cost savings of cloth diapers, in addition to making it more complicated.

But one of the best things about the Blueberry Simplex One Size All In One diaper is the prints!  The prints that this diaper is available are so cute.  Many of the prints are gender neutral, allowing the diapers to be used on baby boys or baby girls without anyone commenting on it.  At the same time, they are still some of the cutest prints around.  There are monsters and elephants and monkeys.  There are also birdies and swirls and butterflies too.  There are also solid colors, for those that like diapers that aren’t too busy.  My favorite print however, is the cow print.  I don’t have one in this print yet, but I will.  I can’t explain why I like the cow print so much, but it’s without my favorite print ever.  It’s also not a print that I have found in many other diapers I have looked at in the past.  I love cute prints on diapers; it’s like another dimension to the cute baby clothes available.  And having a lot of options for cute prints is the biggest reason these diapers are my new favorites.

I really love the Blueberry Simplex One Size All In One diapers.  They have replaced the Flips as my new favorite diapers.  I love the sizing options, I love having every piece of it all together and most of all I love the prints.  The diapers I currently have are starting to get a bit worn out.  Some will need to be replaced before the end of our diapering days here.  I will be replacing them with more of these All In One diapers.

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