My Rules for Swordplay

Posted 07-28-2012 at 08:15 AM by HollyRay

1. Do Not Strike within the pyramid. This is basically the core, neck, and face.

2. Do Not Attack an unarmed sibling or parent.

3. When the fight is in action both parties must have the same caliber of sword, you may not hand your sister a kitchen knife and expect her to use it on your 2 foot sword.

4. Fighting in the house is a go as long as the swords are no where near my things or an unarmed person.

5. If you can’t follow my rules, you have to swordfight mommy.

Some of you may be chuckling at the strangeness of my rules, you may think they are just made up, that I have rowdy boys, or I’m just a bit loopy. These rules are in place though, my darling princesses love a good sword fight, they are so much like me. When my oldest was nearly two she picked out a sword at a history festival, I should have bought two at that time, but I wasn’t thinking. I soon realized she not only needed to learn how to use the weapon properly, she needed to learn when it was okay to use it.

I taught her basic broadsword play, they best I could teach a toddler anyway. Explained where she wanted to strike and why, taught her how to parry, and even worked on footwork.  She’s nearly 4 now, and her and her nearly 2 year old sister sword fight on a weekly basis. The wooden broadsword she original got is still around but I also found matching softer swords a few months ago to ensure a fair fight and no battle bruises.

I know it’s different, most families don’t teach their children proper sword play. I’ve always had a love for it though, so when my daughter showed an interest I was all for it. Sure not every mom yells “No fighting unless every one involved has a weapon” from across the house, but it seems to be working for us, in more ways then one. One of the most immediate benefits is that the general understanding is fighting is allowed with swords only, only if every one has a sword, and only if the swords are the same caliber of weapon all the way around. Swordplay becomes something that is both fun, and now a bit safer. Since fighting is allowed in swordplay form, there is a chance that when mom says “Don’t hit your sister” that a duel challenge is rendered, anger usually fades when the weapons come out, it takes a lot of thought to use the weapons properly, and by the time you are all ready for the duel the flames of anger have been snuffed out. I know these seem like silly lessons, but what if I were to change the wording.

1. Be fair, don’t be sneaky, don’t take advantage of someone.

2. If you have a problem settle it separately  from the moment, take a step back and cool off.

While my children are not always perfect, they are learning, just this morning my middle child brought her dad a sword so they could fight. She’s getting so good at sharing :)


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