My Tiny Dancer

Posted 07-15-2013 at 10:30 AM by Krista

Just recently my little girl did ballet. I remember being a kid and thinking that being a ballerina would be the most awesome job ever. Ballerinas seem to pretty and perfect. My little girl—with no influence from me, I promise!—decided she wanted to try it. She started watching a Barbie ballet movie, and it was all she wanted to watch for three days straight. She cried when we took it back to Redbox.

I didn’t give it much thought when she first told me she wanted to do ballet. After all, she is always wanting to do anything she sees her friends do, or wanting whatever she sees on TV. It’s just part of being a kid. However, after three weeks when she was still constantly asking to be a ballerina, I decided to enroll her in classes.

Not many weeks before she finished a semester of soccer. Now, she is only four, but overall she didn’t really like it. My daughter was “that” kid who picked flowers (and even brought them to me during one memorable game!) and did cartwheels in the middle of the field, oblivious to the fact that her teammates were trying to get the ball that sailed right past her. We laughed it off and decided we’d let her try it for one more semester, just to be sure that it isn’t her thing.

I expected the same thing with ballet. I hated spending the money—it is much more expensive than soccer! Three times more!—for her to be bored after the first day, as I assumed she would be. The classes were three hours a day after all. But, to my surprise, she loved it and came home every day wanting to show me what she learned. She had a large turnout to her first recital, and she did really well. I was even more pleased by her performance when I learned that others had been doing this for over a year whereas she was doing it after a week. It just goes to show that when your child shows an interest, especially an unusually high interest for them, we should give it a shot. You never know!

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