Natural Cures for SAD

Posted 11-26-2012 at 11:15 AM by Krista

I recently wrote an article about SAD, or Seasonal Affective Disorder. This disorder usually occurs with the changing of the seasons, from summer to winter. While there are still some questions about why certain people are affected while others are not, it is generally believed that the source of this illness is the lack of sunlight obtained in the fall and winter months, and the body switching to a hibernation mode. I can second that! I only seem to want to sleep lately!

As the mother of two children that isn’t an option, however, and so I have to find something—anything!—to make this lethargy go away. Now, I should go on record as saying that this is considered a true illness. The articles I read advised you to seek medical assistance rather than true to “get through” the illness. For the moment, though, I am trying my hand at natural remedies and thought I would share them with you in case you are suffering from SAD as well.

  1. Get more sunlight. Open the curtains and let the sunlight in! The warmth of the sun, or even just seeing the pretty day outside can be a big mood booster.
  2. Exercise. Is it just me, or does this seem to be a recommended cure for any ailment? That’s because exercise gets your blood pumping, and helps with hormones which can push off SAD.
  3. Avoid Carbs It seems that a person suffering from SAD tends to overload on the carbs—which is again part of the hibernation mode. So another thing you can do to help is stay away from carbs, or at least cut back.
  4. Have some fun! This one is my own suggestion, and one that I am seeing help me. As I mentioned in my previous article I love to cook so I bought some ingredients to play around with. Also, I enjoy putting some dance music on as I type at my computer. It helps keep me energized.

If you have tried all of these and see little to no improvement, please seek help from your doctor. You owe it to yourself and your family to stay healthy!

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One Response to “Natural Cures for SAD”

  1. strongwoman on November 26th, 2012 9:15 pm

    I can totally relate to SAD. When I first experienced the fall weather in CA, I felt so down. I came from Hawaii, where there isn’t much variance from season to season, so being in the gloomy greyness of Autumn really affected my mood. Thankfully, I’ve adjusted to the seasonal changes here but I still feel affected in some ways. I find that I just want to stay indoors snuggled up in my fluffy robe. But once I see any sunlight coming thru the windows, I try to stay in that spot as long as I can! It’s especially nice to nurse in those spots because I feel warmer and more relaxed. Thanks for the suggestions- I could definitely lower the carb intake! I guess I end up running for the treats as comfort food, going to work on that area :)

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