Nesting Instincts

Posted 01-2-2013 at 03:35 PM by Krista

When I was pregnant, each time with my first and then second daughter, I went into nesting mode towards the end. I know that most people do, and the odd thing about it is that I had the urge to clean things that previously I never thought needed to be cleaned behind. (I know, I know, that makes me sound awful!) For instance my garbage disposal. I never ever, thought to clean my garbage disposal.

When I became pregnant, for whatever reason I seemed to think of new and creative places that dirt and dust could be hiding, and I couldn’t imagine bringing my poor newborn into such a house. She couldn’t be in the same environment as dirt—oh my! I can laugh now, but at the time it was something that drove me crazy. And my husband, for that matter, as I had him move everything from the refrigerator to our bedroom furniture so that I could clean behind it. You know what accumulates behind those things when they haven’t been moved in three plus years? A lot of dust. And dog hair, although as to how that gets behind there, I have no clue.

I thought it would be fun, since most of us have had the nesting bug –some of us have been infected many times over!—to compare some of the weirdest things we did while nesting.

Probably the strangest of mine, with my second daughter, was the desire to decorate. I wanted matching towels, and cute dish soap. I wanted to make my house cutesy, with a desperate longing. So, what about you other mamas?

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  1. annaintheglen on January 19th, 2013 7:35 pm

    I wanted to clean and organize everything and paint the house!

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