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Posted 12-19-2012 at 02:14 PM by whitneywalters

I have written in the past about the new food battle we have in the house. The kids seem to go in stages when it comes to be their willingness to try something new. I try hard to make food I know everyone in this house will like. For awhile they were doing pretty good about eating whatever I made but my five year old daughter decided recently that she no longer wanted to eat if it was something she thought she wouldn’t like.

I made a ham and bean soup, nothing in it they had not had before and did not like. Destiny took one look at it, said yuck and refused to eat it. She had a fit for about fifteen minuets, refusing to even try it, telling me over and over again that she wanted a sandwich instead and that she did not like it what I made. We are the type of family that does not make something else, you eat what is made. Destiny knows this but she still likes to push to see if she can break that rule. When her fit finally ended, she decided to try the food after all and she ended up really liking it.

This was not the first time she has done this over a new good either. She refused to take a bite of her mashed potatoes because there was spices in it. I made ranch potatoes, I knew she would like them but she just flat out refused to take a bite. She ate everything else on her plate and then sat there pushing the potatoes back and fourth. I told her she had to at least try them before I would let her be done and after awhile she finally did. She ended up liking them so much she had a second helping.

I know all this is normal stuff but I just wish I could get her to see the new food battle is not going to get her anywhere, it would make both our lives easier.

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