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Posted 09-17-2013 at 11:14 AM by whitneywalters

I have cloth diapered all four of my kids for at least some of their diapering years. My youngest is the only one that I cloth diapered from the very beginning. I thought about cloth diapering my third from birth but I was not sure on taking cloth to the hospital, dealing with meconium and cloth and I did not know if I wanted to buy newborn diapers as well as smalls. I started putting Kairi in cloth when she was about six weeks old. She was a pretty small newborn and her size smalls did not start fitting until that time.

When I got pregnant with Amelia, I knew I wanted to give cloth diapering from birth a try. I started out by calling my OB and asking him if there would be a problem with me bringing cloth diapers during our hospital stay. I had heard from other people that some hospitals frown on it and others do not allow it at all. Luckily, the hospital I delivered at was very open to it.

Then I started researching different kinds of newborn diapers, asking other moms that  cloth diapered from birth which diapers they liked best and why. Finally, I started my newborn stash. I knew I wanted a decent sized stash but I did not want to spend a lot of money on them since I knew she would only be wearing a newborn size for the first few weeks. I did a lot of trading with other diapeswappers ladies, did my shopping on diaperswappers, hyena cart and facebook groups. I decided to buy all my diapers for the newborn stage used, I was able to get really great deals, have a large stash and not spend a lot on the newborn size.

There are a lot of options for newborn diapers. I had a collection of aios, pockets, fitteds, prefolds and covers. Amelia was born weighing 7lbs, some of her newborn diapers were too large to begin with. During the hospital stay she mostly wore atd aios, the fit was great and they are very much a workhorse diaper. The nurses loved looking at her cloth diapers, they even changed a few of them.

My biggest concern with newborn cloth diapering had to do with staining. Anyone that has had a newborn knows that those first few bowel movements are not very pleasant.  I was very pleased that all the meconium stains sunned out. Breastfeeding bowel movements did stain a few of the diapers but for the most part, her diapers stayed stain free.

Amelia outgrew a few of the newborn diapers before others. She was able to wear the atd aios and newborn prefolds for the first month. Her bg aios and nana bottom aios fit for almost two months and everything else I had she outgrew around six weeks.  I am very glad I decided to cloth diaper from birth. Newborn cloth diapers are not only adorable but I was able to resell all of them when the time came, making back a large portion of the money I spent.

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  1. NewMommy6111 on September 18th, 2013 9:19 am

    My DS is looking at the pics with me and when we saw the last one he said, in a sweet 2yo voice, “bubble butt!” She’s too cute, when is the new LO due?

  2. whitneywalters on September 18th, 2013 12:32 pm

    Feb 28th :)

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