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Posted 12-19-2012 at 02:11 PM by brewanothercup

Let me start by saying that I have been an every day shampooer almost my entire life. I thrive on clean hair. I live for it. I don’t even hate drying my hair. I’d have a different shampoo for each day of the week if I could (and this is part of the reason we have always divided our bathrooms into his/hers in our homes – too many shampoo and conditioner bottles!).

My wedding stylist suggested I try going a week without shampooing before the wedding to get my hair style to “stay”. I didn’t even last 24 hours and she cursed me every minute she styled my hair (I kid you not). Daily shampooing is just my thing.

But…then I had a baby via c-section after an epic induction and hospital stay and I couldn’t stand, let alone shower, and before I knew it three days had passed without shampooing. Baths were out of the question, and I was honestly too busy to notice. Looking back in the pictures, my hair was actually pretty rockin’ despite being so filthy in my book.

As a mom, showering has become a relaxing luxury. It’s quiet and peaceful, relaxing and tranquil. When else do I have that kind of time? I couldn’t fathom passing it up…even when the “no ‘poo” idea sounded so tempting.

No ‘poo is the idea that you forgo regular shampoo for more natural alternatives – baking soda, apple cider vinegar, and maybe an essential oil or two. Sounded awesome, but I couldn’t imagine the smell or going more than 24 hours without shampooing. I decided to give it a go-ahead anyway and made some important discoveries:

1) It’s really true that the longer you go between washing the more your hair (body) adjusts. The longer I went the less oily I felt.
2) Baking soda is CHEAP and you can get it anywhere. Extra bonus. Want a scent? Add a few drops of an essential oil to suit your mood for the day.
3) Investing in squeeze bottles (like the kind ketchup come in sometimes) is worth it – this way you can store some vinegar in the shower without mixing every day.
4) You have to find your perfect balance of baking soda to water for your own hair. Mine was about 1/3 cup baking soda to 1/4 cup water, well shaken. The paste method didn’t work well for me.
5) SCRUB and RINSE. Well. Or people will hug you and remark you smell like a wonderful salad dressing (only if your hair is wet though – the smell goes away when it dries) and you’ll find baking soda powder in your brush.

I lasted about three months with no ‘poo before I caved and went back to my regular sulfate-free shampoo. I missed the silkiness of my hair, but there’s no doubt my hair was healthier with baking soda and vinegar. I probably will try again next summer but I’m back to my daily relaxation time. I have to say, I think my hair is looking better than ever and I definitely thank the no ‘poo time for that.

My son, on the other hand, is continuing his 2 year reign of no shampoo at all and his hair is looking great. Maybe baking soda will be the perfect combo for him!

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