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Posted 11-13-2012 at 09:44 AM by whitneywalters

I have lost count of how many items of mine have been wrecked by my children. I know I am not alone in this since there is a whole website dedicated to this very subject. Most of the time I am able to take it pretty well when something of mine gets wrecked but there has been a few times that I have gotten a little upset over it.  The top three things that come to mind are a vase I painted, a birthday banner I made my youngest and my Complete Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales book. These three items are the things that I was very upset about getting damaged or wrecked.

The vase incident happened about a year ago. I painted a beautiful standing vase at a local paint-your-own ceramics place. I loved it so much and I put a lot of time into it. I did not even have it home a week before it was broken into many pieces. I painted it for my kitchen, it was shades of red and green. I wish I had a picture of it but I do not. I had it sitting on the floor next to our kitchen table. I was downstairs putting a load of laundry in when I heard a loud crash. I knew right away what happened. I ran upstairs to see the vase smashed to bits and my two oldest kids standing there looking guilty. I burst into tears. It turns out they were fighting over a toy and one of them knocked it over. Sadly, I swept up all the pieces and threw them away.

The birthday banner happened in July of this year. My youngest turned one in June, my mom and I made her a really cute birthday banner and I had planned on keeping it and adding it to her box of childhood memories that I am making. I figured that out in the porch with some of my other items we are saving would be a safe place for it. I was wrong. My three year old found it and before I realized what she was doing, she had ripped all the letters and owls off it. I was devastated. I saved some of the owls off it to use in her scrap book but the rest was trash.

Last but not least there is my book. I left it out by the fish tank in the living room and have been reading it off and on. I was at a baby shower and had left three of the four kids home with my husband. He was playing a game with our oldest and Kairi snuck over to the fish tank with a mermaid barbie doll. Apparently barbie needed to go swimming. She recently figured out how to move the lid on the tank and when Chris heard splashing he knew what she was doing. It was already to late, water was all over the table and all over my book. The book is savable, the back cover was soaked but it should dry. There will be water damage and the back will probably be warped but at least it was not completely ruined.

I know more items will end up being destroyed by the time my children reach adulthood, all I really can do is keep the really precious items away from them.

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