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Posted 10-30-2012 at 10:45 AM by Krista

In about a week’s time we will be leaving for our first family trip to Disneyworld. My girls are aged almost four, and two. Now, I had always said I would never take my kids to Disneyworld until they were old enough to remember it, but that was in part because I’d never been myself. My husband cajoled, encouraged and down-right begged to get me to go last year in May.

Being the financial expert of our family—and sometimes a down-right tight wad—I grumbled about the cost. It is, by no measure, a small expense. Especially when you stay on property, as my husband prefers to do. However, by the end of our time there, I was a convert. The first thing I wanted to do when I got home was pack up the girls and take them back.

We didn’t, of course. I did mention I am the conscientious one concerning our finances. If it had been up to my husband, he might have done it! We did book our trip for the following year, however, and have been anxiously awaiting it ever since. As excited as I am to go, however, if my daughter asks about going to see Minnie Mouse one more time I might scream!

Below is a list of tips when taking toddlers to Disneyworld.

  1. We are packing travel bags for them—crayons, stickers, even bubbles. For the occasion, all are Disney themed, and were still relatively cheap. Try Walmart for dollar kits, or Party City for a six pack of bubbles for only $3!
  2. We are traveling with our DVD player to keep them entertained.
  3. We are leaving very early so that they—hopefully!—will sleep most of the way
  4. We are allowing two days for travel time to allow plenty of time for potty breaks, and to give Mommy and Daddy rest in between trips.
  5. Remember to book your dining reservations –breakfast at Cinderella’s castle was a must for our two little “princesses”—in advance and to bring your confirmation with you!

I hope this inspires some of you to plan your very own dream vacation!

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