Oh, Holiday Food. Why Must You Be So Fattening? 6 Tips for Staying Healthy this Season

Posted 12-10-2017 at 08:05 PM by Jessica

Family having Christmas dinner

Eggnog, cookies, candy canes, oh my!

My favorite cookies come out this time of year, along with delicious flavors of hot chocolate. With all of the yummy foods out this time of year, it’s hard to keep from packing on the extra pounds. Here are a few tips that may help, though. Check them out!

  1. Don’t stop your exercise regimen!
  2. If you want to indulge, make up for it by increasing your activity level.
  3. Restrict yourself to one treat a day, such as a glass of champagne or a piece of cake.
  4. Don’t stick yourself by the food. Remember to mingle and have fun! If you’re talking, you can’t be eating! (Or, at least not politely!)
  5. Eat a healthy meal before you attend parties.
  6. Eat foods high in fiber which keep you fuller longer!

Hope this helps you stop the traditional ten pound holiday gain! And if not, I suppose there are always New Year’s Resolutions!

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