Oh I love thrift stores

Posted 11-22-2012 at 12:35 PM by whitneywalters

It is always great to find a really amazing item at a thrift store. My husband and I both enjoy going to different second stores to see what awesome things we can find. Chris and I were clothes shopping for the kids and since we really only needed a couple of items we decided to check some thrift stores first.

The first place we went to we managed to get some really nice stuff for very little money. Our youngest daughter needed a coat for the fall and winter. We managed to find an adorable high end jacket for only ten dollars! The coat looks like it was never even worn and it so cute on her. We also scored a really cute fall set for our oldest daughter to wear for her fall pictures and it was only five dollars, I found a nice pair of blue jeans for me that still had tags on them for only ten dollars and my husband found a couple of nice shirts for three dollars a piece. I would say we made out pretty well.

My oldest daughter was also in need of some more winter clothes. She likes to wear dresses most of the time so when I needed to go to goodwill to drop some stuff off, I decided to look through the dresses they had. I found some really cute dresses and only spent a few dollars on them. We are planning to go to a bigger city that is close to us soon to look at a few more places. She still needed a few shirts and I would love to find a couple more dresses for her.

I have scored many really great items at thrift shops, often I find high end clothes, still with the tags on it, for a fraction of the cost. I have also found really nice shoes, books, home school supplies, toys and other items we have needed. Being on a strict budget, it is nice to be able to get great items for less money.

Here is Destiny wearing the outfit we got for fall pictures.

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  1. mayasmomma on November 25th, 2012 6:45 pm

    She’s adorable in the outfit you found! We only shop second hand, we live near some amazing thrift stores. My dd looks spoiled when we have play dates and people see her playroom. She has everything you could imagine – we barely spent any money on it! We found most of her toys – including a FAO wooden rocking horse for $8 – at either thrift stores or though my mommy list serve locally. She has the best clothes – all used. I love that I can buy her such great things for such a fraction of the cost. We barely spent money on clothes, toys and since we CD – no money on diapers either! It’s possible to be frugal and still be happy.

  2. annaintheglen on January 19th, 2013 7:44 pm

    It is like going on a treasure hunt!

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