One size does not fit all

Posted 04-26-2012 at 07:48 AM by whitneywalters

I have had mostly the same baby girl clothes for all three of my girls. With the first two all the clothes fit both of them well, sometimes at different ages but still they worked for both girls. Destiny is always right on target for clothing, the age and size always go together, Kairi is long and lean. She was out of 0/3 months by five weeks, out of 3/6 by 3 months and so on and so fourth. She is now 2 years and wearing a 3T.

Then comes Amelia, at first I thought she was going to grow similar to Destiny, she seemed to size up right along with the corresponding age but once she hit about 6 months that all changed. She is short and chunky and while I adore her little rolls it makes her pants fit funny because her inseam is to short for the size waist I need to get. I actually had to get rid of all the jeans she had and get stretchy ones without buttons. The jeans that always worked for Destiny and Kairi were children’s place flairs, they fit perfectly and looked so cute on them. With Amelia they are way to tight in the waist and thighs plus to long in the leg. I am sure the bulk of a cloth diaper is not helping with the fit either.

I wish I had the money to get her all custom knit or sewn pants. I love the wool longies we have, they fit her so well since they are made for her measurements but that is simply not in the budget right now. Luckily summer is almost here and she will be spending most of her time in stretchy cotton shorts with tees or summer dresses and wool covers anyway.

In other news if this continues into her toddler years it might be the motivation I need to get braver with my own knitting and sewing because then she could have a fully custom wardrobe.

This is my little chunker –

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