Our Summer Bucket List

Posted 07-3-2013 at 02:36 PM by whitneywalters

Summer is my favorite season. I really enjoy the warm weather and everything that comes a long with summer. I made a list of things that I wanted my family to do this summer. Some of them we have already completed but we still have several left to go. We have had a blast with the things we have done so far and I know everything else is going to be a bit hit with my family.

1. Plant a garden
– This is part of my kid’s summer school project. They have been helping with the garden from the start. They have helped plant, weed and water. When the time comes to harvest, they will be helping and they are looking forward to eating the produce as well.

2. Plant flowers
– I am a garden lover. I have several areas in the yard with flowers planted. Most of what I have planted are┬áperennials but I do have two pots that are filled with annuals. I do that because the kids have always like planting flowers with me. This year we planted┬ápetunias.

3. Go berry picking
– My parents have a large patch of black caps that grow in their woods. I plan on taking the kids out and picked a whole bunch of them. We are hoping to get enough to make jam.

4. Go to the beach
– My kids have never been to the beach ( well Alex did once when he was little but he was never in the water ). My parents are going camping over their wedding anniversary and we are going to spend one of the days with them. They are camping by a really nice beach and I plan on taking advantage of this.

5. Go to a theme park
– We get free tickets to Adventure through my husband’s job. Last year the kids all had a blast and I am really looking forward to this year because Amelia will be able to enjoy it a lot more. She actually slept through most of our trip last year.

6. Family picnic
– One of these weekends we are going to pack a nice lunch, get in the car, drive somewhere pretty and have a nice picnic.

7. Stay up late and catch fireflies
– I love catching fireflies with the kids, this is a summer tradition we have been doing since they were very young.

8. Road trip
– We are taking a road trip/vacation in July and I am looking forward to it! I love taking trips with the kids.

9. Makes Smores
– There is nothing better then a super gooey smore in the summer. We usually do this over the 4th of July weekend.

10. Have a BBQ with friends and family
– I am not sure when I am having it yet but I want to have a nice get together with my friends and family. I thinking this will be closer to ┬áthe end of summer. We will have a farewell to summer party.

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  1. SweetMamaKaty on July 6th, 2013 8:19 pm

    Can I copy your list? ;) That all sounds so fun, and a great way to have a memorable summer!

  2. KinsleeDoodle on February 28th, 2014 9:38 am


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