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Posted 09-11-2012 at 08:16 AM by whitneywalters

I am now down to just one baby in diapers during the day. Kairi only needs a diaper at night now. I have gotten used to having two in cloth. My oldest two were in cloth at the same time and my youngest two have been in cloth at the same time for over a year.

Kairi has been in cloth since she was six weeks old. I did not do the newborn diapers with her and I do regret that but she has been in cloth diapers for three years. I have tried a ton of different kinds of diapers with her. My oldest two had a fairly simple stash since I was brand new to cloth diapers and had a very strict budget. Kairi I had more money, I had discovered trading on Diaperswappers and I also dove into wool and fleece with Kairi. I think my love for cloth tripled while building Kairi’s diaper stash.

I am really happy that Kairi is potty training. With her having lead poisoning it has been a very rough journey for us. It actually took me completely giving up and letting her decide when she was ready to get her to even consider using the potty. There were days that I would get really emotional about it all, I had myself convinced that she was going to be damaged for life due to the lead and I blamed myself big time. It was a huge relief when she just one day decided she was ready to use the potty and she has been doing great ever since.

So overall I am thrilled with Kairi learning to use the potty but I will admit I will miss her cloth diaper days a lot. I will probably cry once my baby is out of cloth, luckily she is barely a year old so I have some time.

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