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Posted 07-18-2013 at 10:40 AM by whitneywalters

Packing for a trip seems like a pretty easy task. Make a list, put everything in your suit case and you are good, right? Unfortunately, when you have four little helpers, it is not easy in the least. Amelia and Kairi like to sit in the suitcases while I am packing. They also want to add things or take out other things.

I used to make a list, cross things off as I put them in the right bag and double check before I zip the bag up. This usually made things easier but lately it seems like doing any of the above is impossible.

Alex and Destiny want to “pack” their own bag. I let them since they are trying to show responsibility but that doubles my work since I have to check what they pack. I usually have to redo some of their packing job ( Like when Alex packs shorts in the middle of winter or long sleeves when it will be 100 degrees out ). Destiny is pretty good about picking out the right clothes for the weather but she likes to over pack. She wants to bring extra dresses, her reasoning, she never knows when she might need a fancy dress, so it is better to bring extra. After some negotiating, we are able to get her bag down to a reasonable size.

I do all the packing for myself, the two youngest kids and do most of the packing for my husband. It is not that he is not able, I just like to do it since he works and I stay home. It just means one less thing for him to have to do before we leave.

I have started packing early and putting the completed bags into the van. This keeps the kids out of them, making sure we have everything we need. When I first started doing this I made the mistake of not double checking before sticking the little girl’s bag in the car. We were going to Chris’ parent’s house for the weekend and after we got there, I realized I made a big mistake. I had left all of Amelia’s clothing at home. I knew right where it all was, it was sitting on her changing station. ¬†We ended up running to target and getting her a couple outfits to use while we were there.

After that, I made sure to double check all the bags before they were put into the car. It was not a mistake I would want to make again.

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  1. Shannyn2829 on August 4th, 2013 7:41 pm

    Oh I feel your pain! I’ve soooo been there! ;)

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