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Posted 12-6-2012 at 08:27 AM by whitneywalters

My older two kids have a few chores they are responsible for each day, one of those chores is cleaning their rooms. They had not been keeping up on this, their rooms were almost always a disaster. I am the first to admit that my children have way too many toys, between us buying stuff and Grandparents buying, they have a lot of stuff and it was hard to keep their rooms clean. I know that they would get overwhelmed, did not have enough storage and needed their rooms organized.

Chris and I recently went through their rooms, got rid of old toys, threw out broken things and organized it all. We donated several bags of books and toys. It took hours to do but was well worth it in the end. When we were done we showed the kids around the room, showed them where everything went and then told them they needed to keep it looking this way.

They have done a pretty good job of keeping it clean since we did this. I now have it organized better and less stuff up there helps them a lot. We normally give them one last reminder after supper to make sure they have cleaned up their rooms for the day. It they do not get it done then after breakfast the next morning they have to get it done before they can do anything else.

With Christmas right around the corner we are most likely going to be getting rid of a few more things. Chris’ parents over-buy every single year and we end up with a mountain of new toys. Pairing down helped them keep their rooms cleaned and I do not want to end up having them overwhelmed by the amount of toys again. So more old toys will be going out before the new ones come in.

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