Permanent Change of Station

Posted 11-25-2011 at 08:15 AM by HollyRay

Otherwise known as a Possible Crash in Sanity. I actually like moving, mostly because I’m so used to it, but when it comes to a military PCS I sometimes wonder if the headache is worth it.  Currently my husband is nearing the end of a three year tour in England and we are working on getting to a new duty station that is also overseas. Medical clearance, dental clearance, classes to be taken, and that is all before the orders can even be cut!

I’ve spent the whole of everyday this past week in someone’s office getting paperwork done. Tuesday we have the final decision as to whether my children will be cleared to go with us to our next base, and we are just a little worried. Both our girls grind their teeth – something fierce causing chipping, will the military give us the green light? OY! The stress of it all!

For those of you that are military mama’s you know this pain all too well, the excitement or dread of the assignment coming in, the process, the orders, getting to the new base. If I could just skip ahead to the part when the orders get cut I would, because this stress is killing me. I’m trying to maintain a level of normality in our lives by continuing with more everyday activities such as art projects, baking, dance practice, etc. but I still notice my children picking up on the stress. Obviously, since they have to be at half of the appointments, and they are well aware that we are moving. Their emotions don’t show dread, in fact both seem pretty excited about the move and no problems leaving England. However, They JUST got their daddy back from deployment and now we are turning around and moving to a whole new country, so the change is causing stress for everyone.

So veteran mamas, what is your favorite thing about PCS? And, how do you help your kids deal with stress?

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