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Posted 04-1-2013 at 10:51 AM by whitneywalters

My five year old daughter Destiny has been wanting to get her ears pierced for a while now. She started asking last August, just after her fifth birthday. We actually went somewhere to get them done the first day she asked but the place was closed and after that she chickened out.

Several months passed and when she saw that several of her friend were getting their ears done, she started asking again. So Chris and I made her a deal. If she would get her room cleaned up and keep it cleaned we would take her in and get her ears done.

We got her room in tip top shape and she actually did a really good job of keeping it looking nice. So one weekend we decided it was time to take her and let her get her ears done. When we got to the store there was a couple girls about her age ahead of us, I could tell that Destiny was getting nervous and looked like she was ready to cry. I asked her if she wanted to do this still and she said no. So we walked out of the store, sat down on a bench outside and talked a little bit. She told me she really wanted to do it but she was scared. I reminded her that it was not that bad, it would hurt a little bit but if it hurt really bad then mommy would not have gotten her ears done and that I had my ears pierced three times. That little talk got her wanting to do it again, so back into the store we went.

She watched the other little girls do it and seeing them do it without tears was enough to make her brave enough to get hers done as well. I let her pick out her earrings, she picked a Hello Kitty pair.

I was honestly surprised with how well she took it. Destiny can be a slightly dramatic child and I really thought she was not going to take it well. She did cry a little bit but I do not think she would have cried at all if the people would have done them both at the same time. The lady miscounted and they did them a couple seconds apart, the first ear she did not cry at all but the second one she did. It was nothing that a sucker and a new necklace could not fix though.

Destiny is thrilled with her new earrings. She is really excited that she now can wear mommy’s earrings.

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