Planning a Fabulous Father’s Day

Posted 06-13-2013 at 11:24 AM by whitneywalters

I want to do something different this year for Father’s Day. We usually will have a cookout somewhere with my side of the family, spend the day fishing or something similar and then head back home where the kids give Chris his presents. This year my Dad will just be getting back from an over seas work trip and doubts he will be up to doing anything right away. So I am making some new plans for the year.

Not only am I changing the plans for Father’s day itself but I am also having the kids make some things for Chris.I usually have the kids pick out a small present for him and then I get him something he has been wanting but this year the kids are making him gifts instead. I will still be buying him a gift.

Alex and Destiny are going to make little books for him. I found several pages that I can print for free and I will have them fill out. All four of the kids are going to make him frames that he can hang in his locker at work. We may make something else, it will depend on timing.  I am not sure what gift I am getting for him yet, I already got him a cool star wars drinking glass but I want to do something else as well.

Over the weekend I am planning on going to where Chris’ family is. They live in Illinois about two and half hours from us. We will leave when Chris gets home from work Friday and stay till Sunday afternoon. We will get there around dinner time Friday, we will just eat with Chris’ parents and then spend the evening with them.

Saturday we will probably go to his aunt’s house and take the kids swimming. She has a nice pool and the kids love going over there. I talked to Chris’ mom and Saturday evening she is going to watch the kids so I can take Chris to see the new Superman movie. He really wants to go see it and I know he will be thrilled to get an evening for just the two of us.

Sunday morning his parents want to take us to brunch. They have a nice restaurant there that is offering a father’s day brunch. After brunch we will probably stop in and see his Grandma before we head back home. My parents house is on the way back so we will stop in before we go home and spend a little time with my Dad as well.


Here are links to the free printables we are using –

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    Thanks for the links.

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