Poisoning scare

Posted 04-24-2012 at 09:50 AM by whitneywalters

I have had my fair share of phone conversations with poison control, like my son tasting deodorant when he was a baby or my oldest daughter taking a bite of an aloe plant but for the first time the conversation did not end in them telling me that I just needed to keep an eye on my child and they would be fine. My two year old daughter ingested icy hot and she had to be hospitalized over night for it.

I still am not sure how she got a hold of it. It was in the bathroom and she must have climbed onto the toilet to get it. All I know is I was in the kitchen getting ready to wash some dishes and I peeked into the living room to see what she was going. I saw her hand was covered in something white and then I saw the bottle in her other hand. I immediately washed her hand and her mouth and called poison control. They told me I needed to get her to the local emergency room right away.

Once we got there they accessed her, got her an IV and drew some blood. Then they admitted her for an over night stay. The biggest concern was that icy hot has aspirin in it and she could have ingested enough to cause her harm. The first blood draw showed a slightly elevated aspirin level, two hours later they did another draw and the level had already started dropping. She got very lucky and did not have to have any more blood draws.

The rest of the night they checked on her every hour, gave her fluids and just watched for any problems to arise. She was not happy about staying in the hospital, she kept wanting out of bed and wanted to pull on her IV. I hated watching her cry but I knew it was for her own good. I finally got her to go to sleep at around midnight but she did not end up getting a lot of rest since they did have to wake her every hour. Luckily she did so well they released us in the morning and she was able to get some rest at home.

Kairi was a very lucky girl, she did not ingest enough to cause harm, she does have a couple contact burns on her cheek and lip but over all she is fine. It scared the living day lights out of me and the first thing I did after getting her settled in at home was go into the bathroom and gather up anything that could hurt the kids, put it in a tote and put it on the top shelf in my closet. It is staying there until the kids are old enough not to do something like this again.


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