Prepping for cold and flu season

Posted 11-12-2012 at 11:35 AM by whitneywalters

Fall is finally here! After the long and hot summer we had in Iowa, I am welcoming Fall with open arms but I am welcoming all the illness that seems to come a long with it. We have already had strep run though the house and all four kids caught a cold. I want the sickness to end here as much as possible and I am doing my part to try to stop it. We do not vaccinate so no one in the house receives a flu shot. I made myself a list that I am hanging up to remind myself of what I need to do to try to keep us as healthy as I can through out the cold and flu season.

1. I am disinfecting my home on a regular basis. This includes all counters, everything in the bathroom, the light switches and the door knobs.

2. Getting enough sleep. This is a tough one for me since I am a night owl and my kids like to wake me at the crack of dawn. I am slowly starting to get myself to go to sleep earlier and making sure I am getting more then a few hours of rest each night.

3. Eating a balanced diet. I am increasing our vitamin c and d intake and trying to eat a more balanced diet all around.4. Cleaning the cart handles at the store. I will admit this is something that I do not always think about even though I know they are a breeding ground for germs. Both the grocery stores I shop at have wipes next to the carts so I am making sure to clean them everything before we use the cart.

5. Wash, wash, wash. I am making sure to have the kids wash their hands more. Usually they do before meals and after using the rest room but I am having them do it after being in a public place ( such as church or the store ), after playing in the yard and just randomly through out the day. Since my husband works in a factory he is washing his hands and changing his clothes the moment he walks in the door.

I know I will probably not be able to avoid all the virus but I am hoping that these five things will help keep our home fairly healthy during the next few months.

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