Public toilets and the newly potty trained

Posted 10-10-2012 at 09:36 AM by whitneywalters

My three year is finally fully potty trained! As much as this excites me, it equally makes me dread going out anywhere with her.  She will do one of two things usually, the first is that she likes to hold it as long as she possibly can, so when she says, ” I need to pee pee potty”, it means you have under a minute to get her to the bathroom before she might have an accident or the second is the false alarms, she claims she needs to potty and then will sit there for ten seconds and want down. When the second thing happens, she usually will have to go again about ten minuets later. Those are the reasons why I always make sure I know where the bathroom is whenever we go anywhere.

The other issue I run into is the fact that public bathrooms are gross. Seriously, they disgust me. We went to pizza with my inlaws and the bathroom where we were was just plain icky. She stood there pulling on my shirt and telling me over and over again that she needed to go while I tried to clean the seat, then I had to try to hold her so she would not fall in since I did not want her to touch the seat with her hands and the funnest part was trying to wipe her while holding her and not dropping her undies on the floor or in the toilet, I did manage to do all this.

It is even worse when I am out with all four kids by myself, if there is a family rest room then I can easily take them all in with me but when we are somewhere and there is not I have to take them all into the ladies room. My son is six and he is at the age that he does not want to come into the ladies room anymore and I have had people complain about him being in there. Last time someone complained I just told them I was not going to leave him outside alone and they needed to just get over it. Well after getting all the kids into the ladies room, I will have Alex and Destiny stand right outside the stall and they are not to move, I want to be able to see their feet at all times, I will hold Amelia and help Kairi. Not always easily done but we manage.

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3 Responses to “Public toilets and the newly potty trained”

  1. Pixi6s on October 11th, 2012 10:53 am

    That is horrible that they expect you to leave a 6 year old alone in a public place. I only have one, so imagining this scenario is interesting.

  2. Liaklong on October 12th, 2012 11:12 am

    You have your hands full :) I have my nine month old in my Ergo or Moby & he’s gotten really grabby, so I have to help/hold my almost 3yr old dd while keeping my ds’ hands from grabbing anything icky while I try to clean toilet, etc. Public restrooms are so insanely icky!! My dh’s coworker suggested a squatting technique for us that has really made things easier. DD stands on the toilet seat w/her back towards me & squats down. She hovers, but is supported by standing & I don’t have to hold her entire weight. I just support her by the elbows & it goes pretty quickly & keeps me from having to wipe & then line the seat. I doesn’t work for bms, but for a quick pee I find it a lot easier to manage w/my son in tow. Took a few times to get my dd to get comfy w/it, but now she will go in the bathroom & tell me if it’s icky & she needs to stand on the seat ;)

  3. TechMD on October 12th, 2012 9:43 pm

    It was so funny to read the part about the whole process of cleaning the seat, holding her so she doesn’t fall in, and worrying that her clothes will fall in the toilet or on the floor. This is me to a T. I always make sure I have hand sanitizer with me when taking my 2 year old potty training son in public so i can squirt some on the seat and wipe it down. I hold onto him for dear life so he doesnt fall in and make sure he doesnt touch anything, not even the floor, until his shoes are back on lol

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