Quitting Time?

Posted 04-16-2013 at 11:50 AM by Krista

Lately I am feeling so overwhelmed, overworked and overtired. Yes, I suppose if there is one apt word to describe a mother it should be “over.” We are always trying to go over and beyond for our families. We have been told a myth, that a successful, organized, and together woman can do it all.

Now, either I am just not that woman, or it’s a lie. Neither assumption really makes me feel better. I am working part time, trying to acquire a full time job, going to school, taking care of two special needs children. Both of my girls have speech problems, so they go to speech twice a week. My oldest is starting soccer. I homeschool them daily, too.

I just…between cooking and cleaning and …when does it stop?! The answer: not for a long, long time. Something has got to give, and I am hoping and praying it is not my sanity. Unfortunately, my husband just doesn’t get it. He seems to have truly bought into that cartoon of the housewife eating chocolates and watching soaps all day. We don’t even have cable! And I guarantee if I did, our girls would let him know! You know how kids are.

Something more discouraging than my work load is how friends and family seem to think I am “quitting” and “giving up” by trying to decrease my responsibilities. “Everyone else” is doing it, a friend told me recently. She doesn’t have kids, by the way. So…is it true? Can everyone else do it without stress and frustration? Am I the exception?

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One Response to “Quitting Time?”

  1. Kimani on June 1st, 2013 3:05 pm

    So far from the exception! I would suspect that most moms feel like you do. Try to ignore the negative things others say. You’re doing your best, and that is wonderful! Good luck to you.

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