Recycling Old Clothes

Posted 01-27-2012 at 10:15 AM by whitneywalters

My massive purge has begun. We are doing the bedrooms first and that means it is time to go through and get rid of clothes we no longer have a need for. Anything that is still in good condition we take to my husband’s aunt’s resale shop and we donate some to goodwill or another charity. I do not like to throw clothes away though, if something is old, has a hole or stain I always want to try to find another use before throwing it in the trash.

Here are some ideas to recycle old clothes.

1. Jeans and jean skirts
- Cut off the pockets, you would be amazed at how useful jean pockets are in crafts. I have used them to make coin purses, jean pocket magnets, a pocket for holding small pony tail holders on bow holders and lots of other things.
- I recycled an old jean skirt that had gotten to small into a purse for my mom
- Learn to sew using denim. I have seen potholders, quilts, backpacks and a lot of other cool stuff made with denim. I am learning to sew currently and I want to make some cute pot holders.

This site has 25 projects you can make out of denim.

2. Old tshirts
- I am saving up old tshirts right now because I want to make a rug.
- I have heard of people having them turned into diapers.
- I recently saw a lady that used old tshirts and made them into tote bags.

This site has 10 ideas for recycling t shirts.

More after the break.

3. Socks
- My kids and I are going to have an art day soon and we are going to make sock puppets. We have loads of mismatched socks saved up for this.
- If you like to wear knee high boots and like the look of a colored sock above the boot you can cut the end off a pair of socks and make a leg warmer style sock.
- Sock Monkeys

This site has several ideas for recycling socks.

4. Sweaters
-  If they are wool you can make recycled longies, soakers and shorties. They make great cloth diaper covers.
-  I have unraveled sweaters and reused the yarn to make a scarf.
- A lady I know bought a bunch of sweaters at goodwill and made some really neat throw pillows.

This site has 100 or more ideas on recycling sweaters.

5. Other
- I always cut buttons off old clothing. I have a huge button stash that I use for different projects.
- I remove beads and sequins if they are still in good shape also.
- I have removed embellishments from clothing and used them on other projects and even in scrapbooking.



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