Regaining My Sanity

Posted 07-24-2013 at 12:28 PM by whitneywalters

I had one of those days. You know what I mean, the day that just does not seem to get better. The day that seems to last forever and by the time the kids are finally asleep, your nerves are fried and all your sanity is gone. Yes, I had one of those days.

It started fairly normal, my two oldest had stayed the night with Grandma so it was just the little girls and I. They woke up and wanted breakfast, we watched a couple cartoons together and just about the time I wanted to start getting some house work done, it all went down hill.

Amelia had been being very cuddly. I was hoping it was just because she was still tired but I was so wrong. She was snuggling on my lap and suddenly threw up all over me. She started screaming about the mess ( in her two her old talk that is ) and wanted in the bath. I got her in the bath, stripped out of my clothes ( which were new clothes by the way ), put other  clothes on and was about to get her out when she had diarrhea attack, in the bath. I pulled her out of the gross water, rushed her to the kitchen sink, scrubbed her off, got her dressed and then went to clean the bathtub. I ended up bleaching the tub,  all the bath toys and then running the shower on the hottest water for a good long time.

That was the end of her stomach troubles but she was cranky the rest of the day, wanted on me at all times, did not like me doing any house work and trying to fold laundry with a two year old climbing all over you is not fun at all. The only time she was happy to play in her room, she found a marker that was under the crib ( no idea why ) and drew all over herself, leading to another bath for her.

While I was bathing her, Kairi ( who is 3 ), started throwing a major fit because she cannot hop like a sparrow. I had no idea where this was coming from or why this was such a big problem. I finally figured out it was part of a song on a cartoon she was watching while I bathed Amelia. I am still not sure why this was so devastating but her fit lasted a long time, nothing I did made it better. Eventually, she was fine and moved on to playing with toys.

By the time my husband got home from work, my nerves were fried. I was done with the day and I needed a break. We decided to get take out for super ( it was so nice not to cook after all that ) and then we took the girls to the store. I was shocked that they behaved so well at the store ( turns out they were just saving the bad behavior for bed time ).

We got home, played with them a little, did some house work and then it was bed time. If you walked by our house that night, you would have thought I was killing my children. I am not sure why bed time was such an issue, we do the same routine every night but some nights they just want none of it.

Amelia usually loves to be rocked, that night she acted like I was performing some evil form of medieval torture on her. It took almost two hours to get her to sleep. I rocked her for the first 1.5 hours, she would be calm for awhile and then scream for awhile. Eventually, I handed her to her Dad and she resisted for a short time and then went to sleep.

Kairi did not scream, she just refused to sleep. She would lay down but she would sit there and talk to herself or her doll. Then she would sit up and tell us it was not time for bed, it was time to wake up. She finally went to sleep shortly after Amelia did.

I normally go to bed around eleven or midnight. That night, I stayed up late, drank some hot chocolate, read a book and enjoyed the utter silence. I was a little tired in the morning but it was totally worth it.

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  1. februarymom on July 24th, 2013 2:06 pm

    Yesterday was exactly one of those days for me too. I totally and completely feel your pain.

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