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Posted 03-30-2012 at 10:05 AM by HollyRay

There are times in life when we just can’t get want we need right this second. For instance, I need a fridge. I can’t afford one at the moment, nor do I have the means to transport one if I could buy one. I really just needed something to get me by for a few months anyway while I wait for the moving company to get our things to us. ┬áThe logical solution was just to rent for the time being, can I just say “OY!” what a mess!

I had never rented an appliance from a store before, I knew the places existed, but had never had the need to use one. I went in thinking it would be pretty easy, we made good money, only have like 3,000 in debt, no big monthly bills, and besides it wasn’t like I wanted to actually buy what I was renting. I quickly realized I was not the normal kind of customer, I went in, asked for the cheapest fridge and got the response “With out payment plans any fridge is affordable”. When I told them I only wanted to rent for a few months because I was just waiting on my household goods they looked at me like I was wearing a penguin suit. I filled out the paperwork, and scheduled a drop off. They then proceeded to call all of my references, asking how often we talked and how soon they could get a hold of that person if I tried to skip out on my bill. Ouch much? Sure I get there is a reason for references, but insinuating that I was the kind of person who wouldn’t pay my bills just because I was renting at this store is a bit ridiculous.

I’ve had the fridge for two weeks. The fridge had been broken for three days, the food has spoiled, and it took 5 phone calls to get them down here to swap the broken fridge for a working one. Today I pay my rental fee’s for the next two weeks, and it needs to be done by 7. My plan was to take care of it during nap time. Before noon I get a call informing my that I need to pay my rental fee’s:

“I know, I will call back in a few hours at naptime and give you the card number then”

“We are on the phone now, and your bill is due”

“How can I be sure you are from XYZ? You called me. You will get your $27 when it is naptime”

“Ma’am your bill is due”

“I’m hanging up the phone now, I will talk to you at naptime”

Of course I called at naptime and paid my bill, that was my plan all along, but I am bristling over their customer service and treatment. I am very sure that many people don’t pay their bills, just as sure as I am that many people do pay their bills, yet I was labeled a low life simply for using a rent-some-junk store. You never know what someone’s situation is, and frankly it is kind of ridiculous to make assumptions based on one business transaction.

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  1. mibarra on March 30th, 2012 1:13 pm

    I don’t think they can legally do that, it sounds a lot like harassment. I’m a little hot tempered. I may have responded “Fine, then come pick up the stupid thing today, I’m not giving you crazy people any more money. I’ll just use a cooler until my fridge gets here, or go someplace that treats me like a regular person rather than a criminal.” Crazy! :)

  2. shouldbedoinglaundry on March 30th, 2012 1:38 pm

    I’m so sorry to hear what you are going through! That must be very frustrating. I once read that every difficult situation we experience helps us deepen our capacity to empathize with others. I started looking at my life’s struggles through that lense and it has really helped. It has also helped me to be kinder and more sympathetic to others who are going through the same thing, even if our situations aren’t the same!

  3. lilypond_pond on March 30th, 2012 8:27 pm

    We used one to get my kids bunk beds because we had no credit and no choice, the store we went to there was one guy there I could count on always being a jerk and because of that I won’t go back. Anyone else there was nice except that guy but the store was sloooooow to respond when there was a problem. We went to a new location to get a washer when mine broke last week and it was considerably better, fast response, easy to get ahold of someone and they are bending over backwards to help even giving us a temp washer until the one we really want is in stock. They also have a same as cash option that the last place failed to tell us about so I can get out of paying the finance charges if I can get the money together so that’s nice.

  4. pix1114 on March 31st, 2012 7:26 pm

    A friend at work rented a TV from a place like that too. They didn’t call the references, but did call before noon every Friday, knowing that she came in and dropped off her payment in the afternoon. What is sad is that some people do that because their credit is shot and they don’t pull a credit report. If you actually look at the total you would pay by the time you would pay it off, your paying about three times the amount you would even at a higher end appliance or furnature store. They take advantage of people who are in tough situations.

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