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Posted 09-27-2012 at 11:33 AM by Heather8183

You see it on the news and read it in the paper every day…it just seems like it’s getting worse!  Yeah, I’m pretty much a scaredy cat.  Chicken.  Wimp.  I’m afraid of all the bad things that could happen.

When I list things for sale on Craigslist, I never list my real city.  I never give people my address and tell them to pick it up.  If it’s not worth the money if I have to drive and meet them somewhere like McDonalds, then I’ll give it to Goodwill;  I absolutely won’t tell people where I live.  On the same token, I won’t go alone to someone’s house to pick something up.  I always take DH with me, even if we’re meeting somewhere.  I was especially cautious when I was pregnant and buying baby things…you never know what crazy person wants a baby so badly they will kidnap and kill a pregnant woman.

Most of the time my front door is shut and locked.  On the occasion that the storm door is open, the screen is always locked.  I don’t answer the door if I don’t recognize the car, and <blushing> I’ve been known to make the kids stay in the kitchen or somewhere else away from the windows if someone’s knocking on the door so no one can see them.

The kids’ room is in the front of the house, and their blinds are always closed.  I don’t want people to be able to see that it’s a kids room from outside.  Their windows stay shut and locked at all times.  In my defense on this one, we live on a main road, and the house sits only about 75 yards from the road.  The windows are casement windows, and the house is a ranch, so I feel like someone could very easily cut the screen and climb in.

One of my other big fears is parking lots.  I ALWAYS lock the doors immediately upon getting into the car.  I don’t sit and do anything, I always pull out right away.  If I have to return a cart, I put the kids in and lock the doors, even if I’m only walking 10 feet to the cart corral.  Sometimes if I’m getting a bad vibe, I’ll have the kids jump in my side and then buckle DD after I get in and lock the car.

I know I sound crazy, but it’s such a scary world we live in.  You might think I’m overly paranoid and I need to see a shrink, but all the bad things that could happen are nearly endless.  I blame Lifetime movies.

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  1. strongwoman on September 29th, 2012 3:19 pm

    I do many of the same things you do and actually consider it normal :). Now that I have kids I’m extra cautious. And when I was preggers I was really aware of my surroundings. Now that I am at home with the three kids I realize that I’m more vulnerable because I have to keep an eye on all of them and i can easily become a target since distractions are more likely to happen. i definitely don’t think you’re paranoid! Keep protecting those kids, mama bear!

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