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Posted 05-23-2013 at 09:48 AM by whitneywalters

My husband and I were talking about our home schooling schedule. We had not really come up with a plan yet since the kids were so young but it has gotten to the point that the two oldest are both in school now and we needed to decide what our school calendar was going to look like. At first we thought about just following the public school schedule but we talked to a couple other home schooling families that school year round and we decided that that was actually a better option for us.

We will be taking five breaks through out the year, so the kids will still get their school vacation. It is just broken up into five two week groups. Our school year starts in September, we take a Thanksgiving break, a Christmas/New Year break, an Easter break, a summer break in July and then an end of the year break in late August.

The breaks around the holidays are so we can spend the time with family, doing crafts and other activities, the summer break is around the time we usually take some sort of vacation and the end of the year break is for Chris and I to get the start of the next years school activities in order.

We are hoping that by schooling all year that the kids will be able to graduate early. My parents home schooled me, I ended up finishing high school at sixteen. It was a great experience for me. Even if they do not finish early, we know that this gives them all the time they need for each grade. If they finish a grade early, then they get to start on the next year’s studies, if they need extra time to complete their current level, so be it. That is the great thing about home schooling, it is completely¬†flexible¬†to your families needs!



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