Selling Outgrown Clothes

Posted 05-15-2013 at 09:46 AM by whitneywalters

Over the years I have tried several different methods of selling the kids outgrown clothes. I now have a routine down that makes me money, gets me store credit and helps others out.

When I first started to sell off outgrown clothes I tried eBay, it ended up being way too much work and turned little profit for me. I know some people make a good deal of money doing this, it was just not for me. I do love buying lots of clothing on eBay though. After that I tried Craigslist and a couple of resale shops and both of those ended up being a no go for me as well.

It took over a year before I got my system in place and once I got it, I have not strayed for it. The first thing I do is sort everything out into bins. I have a sell, recycle or trash, donate and give away bin.

I usually start with my give a way bin. I will call my sister to see if she wants some of my son’s outgrown stuff to hold onto for my nephew and then I call a couple friends and see if they are in need of anything for the girls they have that are smaller then my youngest. ( I keep almost all my girls clothes to use until the youngest has outgrown them ). I select some nice items for those people and set them into the bin.

Next I do my trash/recycle bin. If I think an item is worn beyond donation that I will throw it in that bin. I will either try to find a way to recycle it or I will just trash them.

Next I do my donation. Anything that does not look to be in excellent to new shape but still has a lot of wear left gets donated. We have three places in town that I can take these items to. Goodwill, Helping Hands and a little not for profit church resale shop. We pick one of those places and take all the donations there.

When I am done with that I get everything ready for my sell bin. First I check the ISO here on Diaperswappers, if I have higher end items I will make a thread here on Diaperswappers but most of the time I send them to Chris’ aunts resale shop. We make a decent amount of money there and often times we just take the store credit and buy new stuff for the kids there.

Reselling my kids clothes is not making me rich by any means but it does help bring some money in from time to time and it does help with clothing costs.

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