September, the Perfect Month for the Library

Posted 09-11-2013 at 10:26 AM by yoliyoda
September is National Get A Library Card Month

September is National Get A Library Card Month

Getting a library card is one of the first things most homeschool students do. However, just in case you haven’t, September is National Get a Library Card Month. It’s the perfect time to run down to get a card. The local library is a free resource full of more than books. At most libraries students can sign up for classes in foreign language, technology and art just to name a few.

Make It A Lesson

Teach kids how to find information and dig through government programs by having them look up what steps they’ll need to take in order to get a card of their own. Let them fill out any necessary ¬†forms themselves, just double check it before they submit them. Also ask your student to make a list of 5 thing they’d like to do, or event they’d like to try in the month of October. Once again this will require they scout out information on their own.

If your student already has a library card, but you’ve found that they’ve fallen into a rut, September is still the month for them. Dubbed “Read A New Book” Month, this is the prime time to challenge your student to try something new. The library, of course, is the perfect place to find a new book.

Academic Challenge

If you have an older student challenge them to read a book that they never heard of. Have them plug in the name of their favorite book or author into the suggestion site What Should I Read Next. The site will generate a list of books that they might like based on what they searched. Challenge them to try a new author, or maybe even selecting an author they know, but a title that they never heard of. Be a good literary role model and do the same yourself. They’ll be more excited if they know you’ll be reading something new right next to them.

No matter how you chose to celebrate, September is a great month for academic celebration that’s easy for a homeschool student to take advantage of. Be sure to contact your local library to see what events they are planning!

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