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Posted 06-24-2013 at 09:35 AM by whitneywalters

My husband works full time and I am a stay at home mom. A lot of other stay at home moms I know have told me that they do a lot more around the house and with the kids then their husbands do. A couple of moms I know do all the house work and take care of the kids. I am glad that neither one is true in our house.

My husband and I share all our household and parenting¬†responsibilities. There are a few things that one of us does more then the other. Like I do almost all the cooking, most of the laundry and almost all the schooling. Cooking is by choice, I am a good cook and can make almost anything, Chris’ kitchen skills are lacking. Laundry is simply because we mostly line dry and Chris works during the day so I need to get the washing done and out on the line early in order for it all to dry. Schooling is something else we do most of during Chris’ work hours. Chris does help with some of the schooling but I like to have the kid’s classes done before he is home so we have time for family activities.

Chris does most of the mowing, weed eating and minor house repairs. This is by his choice. He enjoys these things plus it is hard for me to mow or weed eat if he is not here. I will not let the kids be outside while these chores are being done and I will not leave them inside a lone either.

We share the remainder of all the house work, there are times I do a lot more then he does and there are other times he does more then I do. We both know that this is our home and our family. We are equally responsible for all the upkeep. We also have the kids help with certain things around the house. We want them to know that they are responsible for things around the house as well.

I am really glad that my husband is as involved in the raising of the kids, upkeep of house and cleaning of the house. It makes being a stay at home a lot easier knowing I am not also a full time maid, cook and everything else that comes with mothering. It is nice to have someone help lighten the load.

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