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Posted 11-27-2012 at 09:15 AM by whitneywalters

One day over the summer a little black and white cat showed up at our house. We already had a cat and were not looking for another but there was just something about this sweet little kitty that really drew her to us. We started putting food and water outside for her. She did not have any claws and she was fixed so I thought maybe someone was missing a kitty. I made some calls to see if someone was missing a cat and checked all the local places that people put up ads, no one seemed to be missing her. I even called the local shelter and they said no one had called looking for a cat matching her description. They took my information down but they also told me not to expect a call, they have had a lot of issues lately with people abandoning their cats. Over time she became one of the family, we made a spot for her in the shed so she had a dry place to sleep at night.

After a few months we tried letting her come in the house but she seemed uncomfortable being inside for long periods of a time. She would come in for a little while but eventually would be meowing at the back door, waiting to be let out again. We continued letting her in for awhile and back out when she wanted. One day she just decided she did not want to go out anymore. She has been inside ever since and we love having her.

She is very sweet, great with the kids and loves the attention. Most nights she sleeps next to our three year old. She will lay on our son’s lap while he watched television and purr and she doesn’t care that our five year old likes to carry her around the house like a baby. She is even really gentle with the baby. She is a great addition to the family.


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