She Is Weaned

Posted 07-16-2013 at 12:27 PM by whitneywalters

It has been a week since Amelia last nursed, I now can officially say she is weaned. She is almost 23 months old, that is the longest I have nursed any of my kids so far. For the first time in nearly eight years, I am not pregnant or breastfeeding. It is a mixture of relief and sadness for me.

Our naptime/bed time routine has not changed much beyond not nursing anymore. She wants to have a sippy cup now while she is rocked and she still wants me to rock her. There are times she will lay down on Chris but it is not very often. I do have to say that is takes a little longer to get her to sleep then it did before. It used to only take a few minutes of nursing and rocking before she was sound asleep and now it usually takes about twenty minuets.

At first Amelia did not want to finish weaning. I had gotten her down to only nursing for naps and she was not wanting to let that last nursing session go. I knew my milk was drying up and that she was wanting to do this for comfort. I did not want to take it from her cold turkey so each day I would start rocking her with just a cup and if she got to upset we would switch to nursing. It took awhile but eventually she stopped getting upset, took the sippy and laid down and let me rock her. Then it happened again the next day, the next day and then before I knew it several days past.

I am a little sad to see our breastfeeding relationship come to an end. I was ready to get her weaned but at the same time I wanted to hold onto my baby. I love the closeness that breastfeeding gives. It is such a special bond. While I still get a lot of cuddle time, it is just different now.

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