Shopping for Lingerie

Posted 02-26-2012 at 09:34 AM by Krista

It’s time to get some new lingerie. I know this, because every time we go to a department store my husband can’t help but steer me in that direction and comment on what he thinks looks nice. I love his idea of subtlety! Honestly, I think it’s cute.

I am not really a lingerie girl…to be honest, I have a drawer full that I rarely wear. Why? I guess because I don’t often plan out sex, it just happens. To decide to wear lingerie is sort of planning on a certain type of outcome. Maybe it all boils down to laziness!

I am working out (as mentioned in previous posts) but I am still overweight. Shopping for lingerie at Victoria’s Secret makes me feel…awkward. You know how it is, right? Without a doubt the day I decide to enter the store all the eyes of the beautiful, perky, perfect girls will slide my way and they will, in a moment’s time, wonder what the heck I am doing shopping at their store. One of the salesclerks will politely ask if she can help, while wondering if I will tear the merchandise by trying it on.

Of course all of this is in my head, but is, nonetheless, the reason I don’t go there. Anyone else ever feel like this? And while I know there is lingerie everywhere these days, Victoria Secret just feels special to me. Their silk feels smoother, I guess!

What I have ended up doing is shopping online at their website. I have used them before and had good results. I ordered a few bras, and didn’t like two of them when I got them. They looked pretty, but just didn’t feel right. I sent them back and got a refund in just a few days. Does anyone else shop for these type of items online? Do you shop with your husband, so he can “pre-approve” the purchase?!?!

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