Shopping for little girls without breaking the bank

Posted 03-26-2013 at 11:50 AM by whitneywalters

I have three daughters and I am sure that everyone knows how fun buying little girls clothes are. I love shopping for my daughters but having a budget can make it not so much fun. Over the years I have found ways that allow me to have fun shopping for all the cute clothes and not spend a fortune doing so.

1. Learn to make stuff yourself.
– One area that I found myself spending a lot of money was on hair bows and headbands. I liked having   a lot so we always had something for every outfit but it started adding up. That is when I decided to learn how to make stuff myself. I liked crafting and making it myself meant I could have a lot more while still staying in my budget. My girls have a lot of hair stuff now, almost all of it made by me, including the bow boards that hold on their stuff.
– I am slowly teaching myself to sew. I love the look of upcyled clothing and that is what I want to learn to make. I started with easy things, like a skirt. My oldest daughter loves the skirts I made her and they were actually pretty easy to put together.
– I also know how to knit.  I love making things for my children. I am slowly learning new things so I can make even more.


Here is Destiny sporting a skirt I made her –

Amelia wearing overalls I knit and a headband I made –


2. Trade
– I have gotten a lot of really nice clothing from trades. I join the everything swap here on ds, have a trade thread active on FSOT and have done trades on facebook as well. It is a good way to get rid of things I no longer need and get new clothes for my girls.

3. Thrift shops
– My husband’s aunt owns a resale shop, that is where I send a lot of our outgrown clothes, sometimes we take the cash but usually we just spend the money we make on different clothes. I have gotten some very nice things for the kids from her shop. I got Amelia a boutique winter jacket that looked brand new, only cost be $10 when it would have been $60 new. I have gotten Alex brand new blue jeans from the childrens place for $5, boutique style dresses for my oldest daughter for $3 and so many other really nice things.  I also shop at other resale shops, you never know what you are going to find until you look.

Destiny’s outfit for fall pictures was a resale shop find –

4. Sales, coops and wholesale sites
– I love a good sale. I always shop end of the season sales to buy things for next year. That is usually where I get a large portion of the girls clothes for the next size up. There is an outlet mall close to where a couple friends of ours live so we will go shop and then spend the rest of the weekend with them. I like being able to get new pants for $5, shirts for $2 and dresses for $5, makes shopping fun and allows me to get my girls a large amount of clothes.
– I also shop from a lot of coops and off whole sale sites. I recently bought the girls some petti skirts from haloheaven and I buy a lot of stuff from different coops I am in. Both save me a lot of money.

Kairi’s second birthday dress bought on sale and stashed away for later –

5. Hand me downs are a good thing
– I do my best to keep my oldest daughter’s clothes in good shape that way the younger two girls can wear them also. I also love getting clothes from friends with girls older then mine. I return the favor by giving them boys clothe since they have boys younger then my son.

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4 Responses to “Shopping for little girls without breaking the bank”

  1. nbert921 on March 27th, 2013 1:38 pm

    i have 2 girls and i definitely look for ways to save on clothing. one big thing i do is garage sales. i’ve found a lot of great things at garage sales and most are $1 or less. i always check the newspaper and craigslist for upcoming sales and go to as many as i can. most are in the summer so i’ll usually buy summer clothes and a size up for the coming fall/winter. saves a ton!

  2. nbert921 on March 27th, 2013 1:40 pm

    oh and i love your clothes! DH bought me a sewing machine so now i want to teach myself to sew. i love that skirt! i do know how to knit, but i’m a novice and don’t think i’d be ready for those overalls…so cute though! and the girls are beautiful!

  3. whitneywalters on March 27th, 2013 4:26 pm

    The overalls were actually very very easy!

  4. Pulcinella on April 2nd, 2013 5:52 pm

    We buy almost all of our clothes, including my three year old’s, at second hand stores. Particularly for a little kid, it makes so much more sense when you know that if they don’t get dirt/ketchup/marker stains on it, they’ll grow out of it before too much time passes! If you go with a plan in mind – looking for particular items of clothing or going when a sale is on – you can get a really nice wardrobe together. For DIY-challenged people like me this works best!

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