Shopping with kids

Posted 11-9-2012 at 09:36 AM by whitneywalters

Being a stay at home mom means I am the one that does most of the shopping for our house.I like to get the shopping done before my husband comes home which means taking all four of kids with me. I have done this countless times and usually it goes well. I always plan ahead, makes sure I have a detailed list, we eat before we go so no one is hungry at the store and I always have them go the bathroom before we leave. These things usually make for an easy shopping trip but of course there are times that it does not. My most recent shopping trip was a nightmare and I swear that anyone in the store without children was probably having second thoughts on if they ever wanted to have any.

For reasons unknown to me, my three oldest decided to do everything they could to not listen to me. Alex and Destiny wanted to fight and pick on each other the whole time, they whined about everything, complained about almost everything I put in the cart because they did not want it and kept chasing each other. Kairi decided she was going to misbehave and instead of walking next to me like normal, she was going to bolt every chance she got. I ended up having to get a second cart, buckle her in and try to pull it behind me. She had a huge fit for a couple of minutes and then was greatly entertained watching the other two be naughty. By the time I was done I was ready to just cry, my nerves were fried, I felt like everyone around me thought I was a terrible parent for having such unruly kids and I was just ready to go home.

After getting home I realized I forgot a bunch of stuff but there was no way I was packing up the kids and going back. What was forgotten would wait until Chris was home and one of us could just go alone. I am starting to seriously reconsider just going to the store alone and having Chris stay here with the kids. I do not want to have to deal with that again!

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