Skipping Black Friday

Posted 11-28-2012 at 11:02 AM by whitneywalters

I do not like Black Friday. I think it brings out the worst in people and there is never a sale good enough to warrant that type of behavior. It always astonishes me the way people act over a deal. Every year you hear more and more news stories about people being injured and even killed over stuff. It is slightly ironic that that day after we have dinner and think of all the things in our life we are thankful for that some people will go out and act the way they do. Most of the time people are buying this stuff for Christmas gifts as well and the spirit of Christmas is as far away from the attitude of Black Friday as you could possibly get.

I have gone in the past, I never took part in any madness, just bought a few things and left. I did not like the crowds, I did not like seeing other people fight over stuff and over all I did not see the draw to the madness. Last year I went to Walmart later in the day, when most of the people were gone and still managed to get the things I was looking for (cheap pajamas and a few other small things). I may still do that this year but I am most likely just skipping it all together. I know I will still be able to find good deals on other days.

I prefer small business Saturday or Cyber Monday. I love supporting  small business anyway so a day that celebrates them and has sales is a good day for me. Last year I missed out on most of it because I had a sick baby so this year I am planning on making a day of it. I did buy a lot of toys, clothes and woolies last year for cyber Monday and I am hoping to score some great deals again this year.

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