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Posted 06-19-2013 at 03:01 PM by whitneywalters

My children love to help. I usually let them be involved in whatever project I am working on ( as long as it is something safe for them to help with ) but there are times that I wish they would not be so helpful.

I was cleaning out all my cupboards as part of spring cleaning. We do not have a lot of cupboard space in our kitchen. We have two smaller ones on a wall, one for cereal, crackers and things like that in and the other for spices and baking supplies.  Beneath that is a counter with a set four drawers for different cooking/cleaning utensils and then under those are two cupboards, one for pans and the other for canned goods. One the other wall we have another set of cupboards/counters. They hold all our dishes, tupperware, silverware and cleaning supplies. We have a pantry for food out in our entry way and that is all the storage space we have. You can see that the cupboards can become cluttered pretty easily.

I had gotten the dish cupboards reorganized and started on spice cupboard. My girls came out to investigate what I was doing and then wanted to be involved. Destiny decided the they could handle the can cupboard. I knew I would end up redoing it but I went ahead and let them organize their way.

They started by taking everything out and stacking them on the kitchen floor. I liked having the cans in a certain order and they did not end up that way. Destiny decided that all the big cans went on the bottom and everything else ended up on top. Nothing was put in a certain area, you had to dig to find anything you needed but she was pretty proud of her work.

I knew I needed to get the cupboard reorganized but I did not want to hurt Destiny’s feelings either. One day I had her come out and help me take inventory and make a grocery list, we went through all the cans at the same time. That way I was able to get my cupboard reclaimed and Destiny was still able to help.

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