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Alex and Destiny joined soccer for the first time this year. They are on the same team which made Destiny feel a lot better. She likes having her big brother with her when she is trying something new. Alex was pleased to find out that his good friend from church is also on their team. I knew Alex would be fine, he liked trying new sports and enjoyed learning how to play them. I was worried about Destiny, she is not a rough and tumble kid at all.

The first practice went really well, the second did not. Destiny was very overwhelmed by the bigger kids on her team and scared of getting in the middle of them. Destiny is the second smallest on the team, she is very small for her age and rather timid around bigger kids About half way through practice she got hit in the face by the ball. I really thought she was going to start crying but her coach was able to get her to shake it off and get back into practice without tears. Shortly after that she ran into another player, he thought she pushed him so he turned around, shoved her and yelled at her. I could tell she was upset by this, I loudly told him not to push her and that it was an accident and the coach also warned him if he pushed again that he would be done with the practice. After practice I told the coach I was not trying to overstep, I just know that my daughter is very timid around other players and I wanted to protect her, she told me I was fine and that she would have done the same thing if it was her child.

We got into the car when practice was done and Destiny burst into tears. She really upset about being pushed, getting hit in the face and thought she was not good enough to play with the other kids. We had a long talk, I comforted her, told her she did really well and that it was okay. She felt better after our talk and was looking forward to her first game.

When game day rolled around the kids were pretty excited. Alex had stayed the night at my mom’s house so they were meeting us at the game. I got Destiny all ready to go, of course she wanted to wear a headband that matched her green soccer shirt. She looked adorable.

Alex was all for getting into the game, he loved being the goalie, tried hard to make some goals and did his best to keep up with the other kids ( he is also small for his age but does not let that stop him from being right there with the bigger kids ) and overall he really did well for it being his first real game. Even though their team lost, he still had a really great time and told me he loves soccer.

Destiny did not enjoy it. She was afraid to get in the middle of the other kids, she would not try getting the ball from anyone bigger and about half way through the game she did not want to play anymore. She told me she did not want to play soccer at all again.

Chris and I talked to her after the game and told her she does need to finish out the season ( which is another five games ) but after that she does not have to play again if she really does not want to. Since she is not loving sports we are talking about signing her up for tumbling or dance.  Alex is already talking about signing up for fall soccer and how much he loves it. Not overly surprised by either one of their reactions. I let Destiny try soccer because she asked if she could, her not liking it is not a shock to us at all. Alex loving it, again is not surprising.

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  1. Lisa on June 5th, 2013 6:19 am

    My son also struggled in K. We actually just brought him in full uniform to each game and had him watch. He was extreemly timid, afraid of the ball, and the smallest on the team. I played soccer in college and am on the town soccer board, so I knew he would outgrow the fear at his own pace, and learn to love being part of a team. Flash forward, three years later. He’s loving it. We didn’t push him, and only had him play when he wanted to, so that he was in control. Getting over the fear, translated into getting over other fearful situations…not sure it would work for you guys, but this sounded so famiilar that I had to comment!

    Best of luck!

  2. isabelsmummy on June 6th, 2013 5:10 pm

    My daughter had a similar experience. We’re doing it again 2 years later because it’s now she can join a girls only team. It’s 100 times better. She understand the game better and isn’t intimidated by bigger boys – ’cause there aren’t any!

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